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Enrique Dans’ blog Score: ↑ 215,528 Description: The IE Business School professor is an Australia Business Phone List expert in technology and digital transformation. From his blog he writes opinion articles that inspire future generations. Guerrilla Marketing on the Web 2nd Score: ↑ 225,827 Description: Carlos Bravo is a benchmark in the world of blogging and in digital Marketing environments. A work that is magnificently reflected on his blog. Aleyda Solis Score: ↑ 236,424 Description: Consultant, speaker, writer and SEO expert, Aleyda Solis writes and provides advice on the latest SEO techniques and web analytics through her blog. Aleyda is one of the great global influencers worth following. Without a doubt, his nomination among the 100 best digital marketing blogs in Spanish is more than deserved. Solo Marketing Score: ↑ 245,211 Description: Blog about Marketing, SEO and Social Networks with many years among us and always up to date with the latest news from the sector.


The Creative Creature Score: ↑ 247,928 Description: A great place to keep up with innovation, creativity, marketing and trends. Chuiso Score: ↓ 253,620 Description: A fun, fresh and very original blog as well as a great reference for SEO. Tics and training Score: ↑ 256,227 Description: Alfredo Vela has been doing a great job with his blog for many years, which is essential if you want to find quality infographics. Luís M. Villanueva’s Blog Score: ↓ 265,519 Description: Luís is a magnificent communicator and a benchmark on SEO issues nationwide, so visiting his blog is essential to keep up to date. Tomás de Teresa Score: New 280,563 Description: Great, original content that adds a lot of value. Maider Tomasena’s Blog Score: ↑ 284,775 Description: A blog specialized in copywriting, the kind you need to visit to keep up to date with the latest copywriting techniques and trends. Ismael Ruiz’s blog Score: ↑ 298,281: Contents of the digital environment with very good advice.

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Victor Martín’s Blog Score: ↑ 325,095 Description: Victor Martín is a tireless professional who, in addition to offering great content through his blog, organizes the famous Social Meida Care event, an initiative to remove his hat. Increase Score: ↑ 326,914 Description: If you want to stay updated on the latest news in e-commerce, Inbound Marketing or Branding this is your blog. Social Lancer Score: ↓ 330,779 Description: Its content director, Beatriz Aguilar is in charge of ensuring that the contents of this blog are at the level of its readers. Oink my god: Score: ↑ 341,671 Description: Laura Amanda and Irene García bring a feminine and very special touch to a blog that is worth following to keep up to date with the latest online marketing techniques. Caudio Inacio’s blog Score: ↓ 350,709 Description: Claudio is a born fighter and an expert in Community Management. He writes passionately about online marketing topics on his blog. He is a very noble, sincere and close guy, which has earned him the recognition of all bloggers in the digital environment. This blog could not be missing among the 100 best digital marketing blogs in Spanish.

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