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Finally, it should be noted that in this ranking of books are the marketing books most recommended by professionals. 1. ESSENTIALS OF MARKETING: A MARKETING STRATEGY PLANNING APPROACH Co-authors William D. Perreault, Jr. Joseph P. Cannon and E. Jerome McCarthy A book on fundamental Marketing, written with a solid academic foundation that presents for the first time the concept of the 4 Ps under the Marketing Mix framework, giving a new approach to strategic planning. We are talking about a pioneering concept in its time that radically changed the way of doing Marketing, creating a new model that is still applied today and that is the main reference for the best business schools and Universities around the world. best-books-marketing This new unifying approach to basic marketing is based on how you make marketing decisions to decide which customers to focus on and how best to meet their needs. An indispensable pillar that cannot be missing in the Marketing library of professionals. ✅ Essentials of Marketing 2. MARKETIG MANAGEMENT Co-authors Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller This essential work written by the father of modern Marketing will allow us to delve into both the theory and practice of Marketing. Marketing-Management The fourteenth Singapore Business Phone List edition includes an update of the work to adapt it to current Marketing techniques. It is an essential work to be used as a standard and conceptual framework in any Marketing department. ✅ Marketing Management 3. THE PURPLE COW Author: Seth Godin Marketing genius Seth Godin offers us in this book a new point of view on products and market approaches that should stop being “perfect” to become different and transformative.


The old practices so well learned over the years have stopped working because they have saturated the media and the consumer’s mind. So that our product does not become invisible among an increasingly numerous options, we must make it extraordinary, differentiate it and get people to notice it as if it were a Purple Cow. The-purple-cow Cows all look the same, but a Purple Cow is something that attracts attention, that forces us to look, fix our attention and even be impressed. An incredible, exciting and different marketing concept, a Marketing model that adapts perfectly to the new times in which consumers Btoc Database are tired of the incessant bombardment of traditional advertising. I take this opportunity to tell you that I am fortunate to be with Seth Godin in the list of the 100 most influential Marketers in the world on Twitter according to Science of Digital Marketing ✅ The purple cow 4. GUERRILLA MARKETING Author: Jay Conrad Levinson A timeless classic that everyone should read, no matter what business they are in. The book explains why it is no longer necessary to spend a large amount of money to gain visibility , as long as we are willing to bet on creativity . Guerrilla_Marketing When Guerrilla Marketing was published , Levinson revolutionized marketing strategies for small business owners with his take-no-prisoners approach to finding clients . A must-have Marketing book with hundreds of solid ideas that really work. ✅ Guerrilla Marketing 5. BRAND RELEVANCE: MAKING COMPETITORS IRRELEVANT Author: David Aaker David Aaker, the guru of Branding shows in this magnificent Marketing book how to eliminate the competition and become the leading brand in the market. Aaker is a pioneer in defining the concept of brand relevance by showing how brand importance drives market dynamics, creating opportunities for our brand and threats to competition. In this indispensable marketing book, he shows you how to create or dominate new categories or subcategories by treating them like brands and how to create barriers to competition. best-marketing-books-ever By the way, I take the opportunity to comment that I am fortunate to be on the list of Top 50 Marketing Professors on Twitter globally of the prestigious Social Media Marketing Magazine edition together with Jeniffer Aaker , daughter of David Aaker, Atlantic Professor at Stanford University and co -author of another great book: Dragonfly Effect WorkBook:

The Power of Stories. ✅ Brand Relevance 6. THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF MARKETING Authors: Al Ries and Jack Trout These two authors have spent more than 25 years studying and analyzing the principles of marketing, which has allowed them to draw various conclusions about the success or failure of companies in the market, synthesizing them in a total of 22 basic laws. The-22-Immutable-Laws-of-Marketingjpg ✅ 22 immutable laws of Marketing 7. INFLUENCE Author: Robert B. Cialdini If you have ever wondered what are the factors that lead one person to say “yes” to the proposals of another? and what is the best method to achieve it? and you want to get the answer, Robert B. Cialdini’s book is the solution as it answers these and other questions related to influence, persuasion and the reasons that induce people to change their behavior and accept the proposals of third parties. Influence Drawing on his more than thirty-five years of rigorous research, he concludes that although there are thousands of tactics to get a “yes,” most of them fall into six basic categories. Each of these categories is governed by a psychological principle that guides our behavior and gives each tactic its power of influence and persuasion: coherence, reciprocity, social conformity, authority, sympathy, and scarcity . ✅ Influence 8. THE LONGTAIL ECONOMY Author: Crhis Anderson What happens when the bottlenecks that stand between supply and demand in our culture disappear and everything is available to everyone?

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