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How important is typographic use on screen in this new identity? Can it be applied reliably on the screen?

Visualzink is an agency / studio and our strength is Art Director Email List television. We are specifically dedicated to the design of identities for television. Also self-promotion and promotion of audiovisual products, such as a movie, a television program, the Olympic Games or a Newscast. We usually take care of promoting, selling and on some occasions, as has happened now, also developing the visual identity of these programs. For my part, I already come with a lot of experience in the television sector. What are the specific challenges of television design? What is the professional approach like and how is it different in this case? JCO: Television design has format limitations, but it also has the ability to unite different disciplines to achieve communication goals. The format, the resolution Art Director Email List limitation if we go to the technical level and, above all, it is very important to know the narrative of the television discourse or any audiovisual discourse.


It is knowing what the narrative is like. What do Art Director Email List you mean by narrative? JCO: A live program is not the same as an already recorded show , or a series, or a documentary. Just as a morning program is not the same as the last newscast in the afternoon. Why? Because they are different audiences, with different perceptions, etc. Like everything in design, Fresh List where there is obviously a goal and there is a target audience, exactly the same thing happens here. In this case we are talking about a design that is by definition dynamic. JCO: We usually say that it moves, so that people understand us. To be a little more technical, we are Art Director Email List participants in the sequential image in motion. The interesting thing here is that things come to life, and they sound and are heard too. Before you said that a documentary is not the same as a Newscast, it depends a bit on the format. In what way is designing for a Newscast different? JCO: First, we go into an informative and very descriptive narrative.

Art Director Email List
Art Director Email List

That is, certain features that we can allow Art Director Email List ourselves in other types of narrative within television do not exist here. The informative format has a specific language that is changing and evolving. It relies a lot on the image, on the immediacy and especially lately on graphics, drawing, illustration, infographics (the explainer , as it is increasingly called). Content and video is what matters most now, as on the web: before there was a man sitting at a table reading; now we are seeing virtual realities, the announcers get up from a table, they do not have papers, everything is labeled … With which, there is a very narrative Art Director Email List language that accompanies the news. The immediacy also determines the design a lot because we have to create containers that are capable of responding to all the needs that can be given in a live show

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