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JE: I trained as a graphic designer and started working Aged Direct Mail Leads on corporate identity projects shortly after I started. Over time, I complemented my training with studies in marketing and gained professional experience, both in the creative part and in branding project management. I have been fortunate to work for companies in very diverse sectors such as Iberdrola, Cepsa, Campofrío, Prisa, OHL and, now, Santander. After almost fifteen years of professional experience, Aged Direct Mail Leads working in San Sebastián, London and Madrid, the opportunity arose for me to join Banco Santander’s Brand and Corporate Marketing team as a brand manager. And here I have been working and learning for almost nine years. What professional skills have you developed and do you think are fundamental in the figure of a brand manager ? JE: In my case, the roots are creative and design, but you can get to brand management from very different paths. In my opinion, to manage a brand you need a mix of analytical, creative and managerial Aged Direct Mail Leads skills. In any case, brands are managed by teams so you don’t have to be top in each of them.

I would add that the management of a brand is Aged Direct Mail Leads closely linked to its activation, to making it tangible at the points of contact. For this, you have to align many areas of the company, so I also consider it important to have good communication skills, teamwork and certain disclosure skills. What do you think a brand department of a large company should be like? We are very interested that you tell us with which profiles you would embark. JE: Each company is unique and there are multiple factors Aged Direct Mail Leads that can condition the profile of the team. Aspects such as the maturity of the brand culture in the company, its vital moment (transformation process, international expansion, etc.) or the type of brand (product vs. corporate), can condition the team. I would say that the department should pivot on three profiles: a strategic profile, a design profile, and a metrics or research specialist. On this basis you can add ‘layers’ of specialization,

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from people who provide innovation, experience in specific areas of design such as retail or digital, copywriters , etc. Depending on the size of the team, it is good to have a cross-sectional profile (management and operations) to coordinate the team and projects. Imagine that we are the president of the place where you work, how would you Aged Direct Mail Leads explain that the brand is an important strategic asset? JE: Fortunately at the bank we don’t have to explain it to the president, or to senior management in general. I would tell the president of another company that the brand is like a compass that you can use to align decision-making, connect culture with business, create differential experiences, reinforce employees’ sense of belonging, attract talent and a handful. of other things Aged Direct Mail Leads that will bring very tangible benefits to the business. I would give you examples like Apple,

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