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Relationship Marketing Strategies to Win the Heart of Your Customers

When was the last time you really felt comfortable with a brand? What was it that captivated you about her? Surely, the quality, the price or the packaging of the product or service in question had to do with it, but it was also the overall experience and the sensations that it has generated in you that has made you a fan and advocate of that brand. relational marketing This strategy of closeness and interaction beyond the specific Canada Business Phone List moment of the sale entails investment and planning on the part of companies, which know that lasting relationships with their customers are an asset that they must promote and protect. This vision is 100% linked to the precepts of Relationship Marketing. In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of this approach, and look at simple examples that you could implement without delay to win the hearts and loyalty of your customers and prospects. In addition, we will show you a practical case that we are doing in Doppler , which will surely give you good ideas to implement your own relational strategy. For Relationship Marketing, selling is not the last step but the first From this perspective, it is not just about generating transactions, but about establishing relationships that seek comprehensive customer satisfaction through three main channels: quality,


Marketing and Customer Service. Relationship Marketing is a very accurate approach to the great (and incessant) challenge of loyalty. Those of us who work in Marketing know the benefit of a satisfied customer, since it is Canada Business Phone List very likely that they will buy from us again and spend more on our products than a new customer. Also, it is quite safe to recommend us. In that case, you will have achieved the desired loyal customer status. relational marketing Undoubtedly, technology helps a lot to implement some of the actions promoted by Relationship Marketing. In what has to do with channels that promote interactivity (Customer Service, Social Networks) and Databases, you will find two powerful alternatives to prolong relationships with your customers over time. Bet on “Marketing networks” One of the most recent trends in Relationship Marketing (it is not a new approach, but it is constantly updated by the hand of Inbound Marketing ) is collaboration between companies or between companies and their stakeholders or preferential audiences. relational marketing In the Btoc Database same way as with end customers, alliances must be fostered and worked in a sustained way but not blindly: from the perspective of Relationship Marketing, it is a value to recognize if these interactions do not contribute anything extraordinary to the life of the company or its results commercial. At Doppler we have a Partners Department , which manages these alliances and coordinates joint Marketing and commercial actions with very good results over time.

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Establishing solid, lasting and productive relationships both with your clients and with other companies and institutions in the sector is a highly desirable practice in today’s organizations. Do you want to know what we do in Doppler to generate more and better relationships? On the occasion of our 12th anniversary we will be providing 100% free and personalized advice . Next Wednesday, May 30, our team will help registered participants to implement improvements in different aspects related to their Digital Marketing strategy. You too can be part! For that you must register here and tell us briefly about your business, so that we can analyze your Website or Social Media profile and provide you with tailor-made advice. Isn’t that a very good possibility? It is totally free and specific for each business , plus you can receive advice from wherever you are and through the means you choose. We are specialists in Digital Marketing, and we want to help all kinds of commercial projects, startups and companies to strengthen their strategy in matters such as Email and Automation Marketing, Web Positioning, Design and User Experience, Social Networks and more. Stages of a Relationship Marketing strategy We can differentiate 4 specific moments and lines of action so that your relationship strategy achieves good results. Work on a database of real and potential clients: having quality leads and an updated and regularly refined contact base are the “raw material” without which your relational initiatives will be truncated. The Forms on Websites, Landing Pages and Social Networks will help you feed your Base; The update work will be your responsibility!

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