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If you’ve heard the new single from Taryn Southern , “Break Free” on the radio, you’re probably one of those romantics who still listen to the radio on the way to work. “Break Free” is a beautiful, powerful and temperamental ballad that could have been composed by any of the great composers of today, but what makes it really different and unique is that it has been composed entirely by artificial intelligence. In fact, “Break Free” is part of a complete LP called “I’m AI” , the first album composed entirely of artificial intelligence. To create the Album, Taryn Southern has been using an open source AI platform UAE Phone Number List called Amper Music , which allows her to connect the instruments she wants to use for each track and record the song using her own voice. Taryn Southern has always been very attentive to emerging technology, she started very early on YouTube and everything new is part of her DNA. Researching new technologies, he came across the French-based company Flow Machines and discovered Amper Music a year ago. FlowMachines is an AI system that has been fed with more than 13,000 melodies , which are made up of a great variety of musical styles, composers and songs, mainly jazz, pop, and Broadway works. AMPER MUSIC, AN OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM The discovery of Amper Music and some other open source platforms allows him to unleash all his creativity and launch a project that today ends with the title I’m AI, the first music album composed entirely by artificial intelligence. This is how Break Free sounds from the album I’m AI: We live in times in which technology is going to change many of the things we do, and many changes are yet to come.

If you want, you can read the article: Big Data, what it is and how it will change our lives , in which he talked about many of these topics. The truth is that Taryn Southern has been great, but is it possible to create music composed by artificial intelligence for free? HOW TO CREATE FREE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPOSED MUSIC AMPER is an artificial intelligence composer, performer and producer that allows you to instantly create and personalize original music for your content. Music rights have always been a problem for those of us who create content, so we always have to turn to royalty-free music platforms to be able to use them in our videos or presentations. For those of us who are creative, it is now possible to fully live the great experience of creating our own music in collaboration with an Artificial Intelligence system and be some of the pioneers of this joint collaboration. ampermusic, amper, AI music, artificial intelligence music, create free music, create music with artificial intelligence Obviously creating a new composition will be easier for a professional musician than for someone who has no musical Caseno Email list knowledge, but in this world, creativity has no limits. One of the great benefits of Amper is that it allows us to create music composed by artificial intelligence for free. Here you can see how the platform works: If you want to create FOR WHAT TYPES OF CONTENT MAY I NEED ORIGINAL MUSIC Have you considered creating your own music for a blog, a client’s website or for your next video and you don’t have any musical knowledge?

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Now it is no longer a problem, you can create a track for your blog or video with the support of artificial intelligence . Isn’t it great? There are so many possibilities … WEB BLOG VIDEO MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO 360º VIDEOS APPs GAMES VR AR HOW TO CREATE FREE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPOSED MUSIC STEP BY STEP Go to the Amper page: AMPERMUSIC. Register as a user in the Get Started sectioncreate music with artificial intelligence, create my own songs with artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligence to create free music, create free music, AI to create music, AI Once registered, you can enter by selecting one of these 4 options: Personal Use, Professional Use, Academic Use or Game Mode. After selecting the option that you like the most, the system asks you to choose what you need to create the song for and gives you to choose between the following options: Social Networks, Video Games, Write a song, Movie, Podcast, TV show, App or others : create music with artificial intelligence, AIAfter selecting what you want the music for, the system will ask you what style of music you prefer: Cinema, Rock, Folk or Pop: In the next step, he asks us about the mood: Our next step is to select the duration of the track. Once these simple steps are completed, Amper through its artificial intelligence system will compose a song for you in just a few seconds.song created by artificial intelligence After the project is finished, you can listen, share or use your song for any of your projects. Isn’t it cool?

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