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These last few months have inevitably led us to consumption on the internet,

Nike or Lego, where brand and design are core levers of the Aged Medicare Supplement Leads business. Other lesser known companies like Patagonia also clearly pivot on their brand and purpose, which gives them an admirable coherence and authenticity. Let’s talk about branding It is almost 9 years since you joined Banco Santander. What has been your role in the evolution of the brand? JE: The brand is a living asset, there are parts of it that change little over the years, but others are revised with certain periodicity. At the bank, we have experienced very relevant changes since my incorporation (change of presidency, strategic focus, culture, etc.). My contribution, along with that of the Aged Medicare Supplement Leads rest of the team, I would say has been to accompany these changes from the brand.

Or put another way, it has been to Aged Medicare Supplement Leads contribute to the decisions related to the business and culture have been reflected in the brand and its expression, mainly the visual one. For me, the most important and beautiful project was the evolution of the brand launched in 2018 . The positioning is not revised, the logo and visual expression of one of the most important financial brands in the world are changed every day. In a large company, design passes through many hands. What is the key to protecting and ensuring its correct application in all channels and points of contact? JE: The first thing is to create culture, that is, that the teams are aware of the importance of Aged Medicare Supplement Leads design in general and the visual identity of the company in particular. Also have tools that facilitate internal teams and suppliers to align the design with the identity.

Aged Medicare Supplement Leads
Aged Medicare Supplement Leads

And of course, that there is a work of Aged Medicare Supplement Leads accompaniment and supervision of the initiatives related to design, from advertising, to digital products, branches, etc. We read in the last AEBRAND report that 46% of the participants still give a tactical role to the brand to achieve specific business objectives. How do you see this topic? I do not know the profile of the respondents, but although I do not share it, the response seems normal to me. Those of us who work in large companies, in consulting firms or companies that make a living from providing branding services see things from a perspective that does not correspond to reality. Spain has a business fabric with many SMEs, for which managing a brand in a professional way is complicated ( mindset , resources, etc.) and even not so relevant for an optimal Aged Medicare Supplement Leads viability of your business. Certainly, the latest crises have increased inequalities. And in the latter, access to technology has also been an important factor of inequality,

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