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We interview Juan Carlos Ordóñez, from Visualzink

Therefore, it is always important to keep in mind issues Apparel Company Database not only of ethnic groups, gender or age, but also related to the socio-cultural context of each region. The business context is also much more complex, because competition has multiplied. It is difficult to keep up with everything that happens. And in addition, there has been a disruption in almost all industrial sectors. New business models that are based on this diversity and the arrival of each one of us. A good example is Netflix, which despite being a global platform is doing very well to connect with certain markets or niche topics. Fortunately, and thanks to technology, we can reach many more people and also give each one what they need. Canthynnus, brand and packaging What do you think about ‘fair’ and ‘equitable’ Apparel Company Database access to design? PR: If we look at the penetration rates of telephony or digital payments, we realize that in continents like Africa there is significant access to all these services.

So in a way, technology is a fairly Apparel Company Database Fresh List democratic element. The same is not the case for access to well-designed services or products. And this is not a matter of money, but of culture: custom culture in the client, project culture in the designer and culture of demand in the user. In this sense, I believe that the Public Administration and large companies should set an example. There are thousands of examples of bad practices, which well designed could create a more just or equitable world. For example, facing the tax return is a drama, also the access to subsidies or aid, the hiring laws, etc. Another great example is public Apparel Company Database and private competitions … It seems that everything is designed more to promote concentration or security, rather than to reward talent or quality and access to projects of people who are starting.

Apparel Company Database
Apparel Company Database

Global Visa marketplace How does design build a better, Apparel Company Database more inclusive and fairer world? PR: I think there must be a change in perspective, a sum of sensitivities and cultural change that makes us reject things that do not meet minimum parameters: sustainability, diversity, inclusion, truthfulness, etc. We cannot think that companies or governments will solve these issues alone. As designers we have a great power to transform things, but that power gives a responsibility. The Apparel Company Database key is in training and culture. All industrial sectors have experienced a disruption in recent years, surely the one that has evolved the least is education. The design will be much richer and more diverse when it is a required content in elementary schools.

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