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What was the main challenge of the project to work for the Telediario?

For a while I have been getting up at five in the Architects Email List morning. He dedicated the first moments of the day to learning, reading, writing, doing sports … and starting at 9.00 with many things thought out and resolved. Right now I’m doing a lot of sports and watching my diet, which has a tremendous impact on everything else. Energy, focus, optimism, etc. Although many Fresh list of you have known them for the rebranding of the Spanish Radio Television News (RTVE), Visualzink are not strangers. Behind that brand there are 10 years of experience in audiovisual product projects. We have spoken with Juan Carlos Ordóñez, creator and director of Visualzink, to better understand his approach, his vision and his trajectory. One key: the real challenge of the project has been more strategic Architects Email List than technical. Visualzink is an agency / studio and our strength is television.


We are specifically dedicated to the design Architects Email List of identities for television. Also self-promotion and promotion of audiovisual products, such as a movie, a television program, the Olympic Games or a Newscast.We usually take care of promoting, selling and on some occasions, as has happened now, also developing the visual identity of these programs. For my part, I already come with a lot of experience in the television sector.On the other hand, the design profession also needs its small revolution, both in design schools, as in individual designers, design companies or in multinationals and consultancies that are assembling large design Architects Email List teams. María Cristina Masaveu Foundation A personal approach Tell us what you do to recharge batteries. PR: It depends on the time of year or the moment, also on the work and family commitments that occupy me a good part of the day.

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For my part, I have discovered that I prefer to be connected Architects Email List almost 24 hours a day and have a margin of flexibility, than to be linked to a day or physical space for 8 hours a day. Friends and family trips are very good therapy to disconnect. This year I am also missing work trips a lot. The year before the pandemic, I was in Japan six times, most of my trips by myself… and I always came back with recharged batteries. I am quite a competitive person, I don’t really know why, and I love Architects Email List setting small challenges for myself, working on habits, moving schedules, etc. If I’m going to do something, I do it hard. I like to try little things that have a tremendous impact on your well-being.

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